The Linnet

Jun 2

Sanctuary by @InVinceWil

Please find my reading of this superb poem which was read at Crystal Space among poets I am proud to call my friends.

P.S My apologies that I was unsure of your real name Wil, such is the nature of twitter, I put it down to nerves on the night in question… or maybe the wine as well by then.

Giant Puffballs a poem by Neil Rollinson

A wonderful reading by Peter Wilkin at ‘Crystal Space’ enjoy :)


Poem written by Jacqueline Dick and read by Peter Wilkin at ‘Crystal Space’ enjoy :)

Walking between Giants

It is my very great pleasure and honour to be able to offer you my reading of Quirina Roode-Gutzmer’s wonderful poem, which can be read here:

This wonderful tribute of a poem can truly be felt in a visceral way as you read. I hope you enjoy my reading.


It is with great pleasure that I am today offering my reading of this new poem by the wonderful one and only Shan Ellis, who’s words can be read here:

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed reading!


I was so moved by the latest poem by Jacquie Dick @fumanchucat that I couldn’t resist having a go a reading her words, which you can see here:

I hope my reading can convey even a smidgen of the emotion it brought up within me on my first reading of it! Thanks for letting me read you Jacquie!

The Beach

Today I am offering my reading of my own poem ‘The Beach’ which can be read here:

It was one of those poems that insisted it was written. It is rather special to me for a couple of reasons, one of them being my love of poetry.

Thank you :)

Self Portraits

I am honoured and most happy to offer you my reading of Joe Hesch’s poem ‘Self Portraits’ who’s wonderful words can be read here:

I have however read this poem with a gender change to match myself the reader. I hope given the name of the poem you can why this wonderful poem works both ways.

Apr 9

Severe Weather Warning

It is my humble pleasure to offer you my reading of Peter Wilkin’s 'Severe Weather Warning' the words for which can be read here:

A poem I loved from the first time I read it, I hope my reading does it justice!

Oct 5

Lull AfterGlow

By special request I am happy to offer my reading of Pierre Novaeu’s haunting poem 'Lull After Glow' @Novatwitman

You can read his wonderful words here:

I hope you enjoy :)